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Authorized King James Bible

Why for me its only the King James Bible, and why has it been under constant attack and on the hit list of every Bible corrector since the Reformation ? J.R.J.

 ?know to man?

Who’s Your Final Authority?

Who’s Your final Authority?

   Verse Comparison    


 AV1611 Salvation versus NIV Damnation

Chart showing the differences


A short overview of the "Which Bible?" issue

Does your Bible come from Alexandra or Egypt?

N.I.V Perversion      by Terry Watkins

Defense of the Texus Receptus  by David B. Loughran

Defending Erasmus   by John Cereghin

Fighting Back     a great little book defending the KJB

How do other Bible versions compare to the KJB?

The question about revision

Ripped from the Bible    what have they lied to you about?

Textual Criticism     by Dr. Ken Matto

Facts about your Holy King James Bible

The AV16 verses the perverse N.I.V.

The Masoretic Text

The New King James Translation

The Translation to the reader

The Septuagint A Critical Analysis

There were a number of Greek manuscripts in the Reformation times

The Untrustworthiness of the NIV

Verses used by the NKJB

Verses used by the NKJB prt 2

What about those “these and thous?”

Which Version is the Best?

Why I believe in the King James Bible.