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Life Experiences : and  how to deal with personal difficulties,  frustrations, disappointments, selfishness, personal attacks, spiritual growth, bad habits, difficult people, repeated sin, lost of a job, sickness, bad marriage, weak pastor,

What to do with problem members in your church.

   Personal Difficulties





Salvation… why so many who claim to be saved seem to be anything but?

Answer each question carefully, writing exactly how you feel.

A. Select one of the following and tell how you felt about it before committing your life to Christ: (1) God; (2) Christ; (3) sin; (4) life’s goal.

B. Why did you commit your life to Jesus Christ?

C. What doubts did you have (or do you still have) about God, Christ, etc. List them on the back.

D. How often do you (check one for each):

                                 often   sometimes    seldom

1. Read the Bible?       □             □                □

2. Pray?                       □             □                □

3. Witness?                 □              □                □


E. Do you have firm convictions?     YES     NO     (Describe )

F. Do you feel that your Christian life is consistent?     YES     NO

G. What specific problems and frustrations do you face in your Christian life? Use another sheet of paper for your answers.

Personal Test

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